Artist Bio

Welcome to my world of visual arts!   I currently teach at The Tucson Museum of Art, yet I have been teaching visual arts since 2002 at various schools and art institutions in Tucson, Az.  I offer watercolor,acrylic, and charcoal and pencil sketching classes along with collage classes that incorporate many different art mediums.
My childhood experiences have highlighted how important it is to expose children and young adults to the visual arts.  Students become engaged and explore many art skills, allowing their confidence to grow as they explore their creativity.  This gives the students pride in their work and puts smiles on their faces, which is the most satisfying part of my job.

Wind Turbine_edited.jpg
birdfeeder watercolor.jpg
yellow tulips.JPG
pumpkin still life charcoal.JPG
Ventura Coast_edited.jpg
violet painting.JPG